A Bar Trivia (Drinks, fun facts, history and more)

by Harutaro Trabish

** Now On Sale **

Do you like to impress people with your knowledge of anything 'drinks' or 'alcohol' related?

Do you know your Beers? Do you really know your wines and cocktails? Are you sure you know the differences between Gin, Vodka and Brandy?

Are you smarter than a bartender? Bar Trivia will test your skills and give you and your friends a fun way to spend some quality time.

If you love trivia, puzzles, sudoku and interesting facts, you'll love this app.

You might even discover some drinks that you might want to try out on your next night out!!

The multi-player mode together with the question timer is sure to add even more excitement to the game. You could even be creative and turn this into a drinking game. Play at home, club or Bar… guaranteed fun for sure!

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Please enjoy and provide feedback for any features you would like to see in future revisions. We strive to provide you with the best possible iPhone experience.

The next free update will contain even more challenging questions….stay tuned.

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