VocabWiz SAT Vocabulary Lite

by TestPrepWiz

VocabWiz is simply the best tool available for improving your vocabulary and boosting your test scores.

VocabWiz SAT Vocab Lite features 200+ frequently tested SAT vocabulary words. This Lite version allows you to try out the software risk-free, before purchasing the forthcoming full version, containing over 5000 SAT words.

Both versions feature:

- A familiar flashcard-like learning methodology, with a twist.

- Professionally recorded audio pronunciations of all the words AND all the definitions.

- Example sentences demonstrating proper usage of each word, as well as synonyms

- Convenient "Play" mode, so you can just listen and learn, without having to look at the screen. You can achieve maximum recall by leveraging both auditory and visual memory.

- Convenient quiz mode for quick and easy self-assessment.

- User-definable stacks so you can customize your learning experience, and exclude words you already know well.

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