One. iPhone Apps Catalogue

AppAlbum is the place where picking an app is a pleasure, not a headache. Our aim is not listing as many apps as possible. The apps we have on our website are just the top apps, that are really worth trying out or at least knowing about. If an app is in a top list, we have it. If an app is interesting, we have it. If it isn't, we don't.

Two. iPhone Tips

You know, there are always things you can google in a minute. But why not have it in one place to find it in seconds? That's exactly why we created a Tips & Tricks section here. What is exact weight of iPhone 3G and first-gen iPhone? How to force-quit an app? What are the upcoming features of the new iPhone OS? It's all there!

Three. Developer resources

There is the developer resource all developers know. Unfortunately it's so ultimate, it's not always possible to find what you need fast. And some questions are not answered at all. Our developers section is just like Tips & Tricks, but for developers.

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