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Here you can find and browse top paid apps and see reviews on them. Popular apps of these are Summer Blog, BrickShooter, Movies, Pocket God, iFitness.

  • Summer Blog for iPhone
    This captivating story is designed for children of age 5 - 12. It is told throughout all the ten distinct and colorful levels of the game. The virtual fairytale is narrated in real unique voices.The voiceover and colorful 3D visualizations of Summer blog allow a more involved experience for the children. Redbee, developers from Lithuania, are pr…
    Summer Blog is an adventure game by Redbee, for iPhone.
  • BrickShooter for iPhone
    The three basic rules of BrickShooter are simple. Touch the blocks in the borders to make them slide to the field. Join the bricks by three to make them vanish. If a brick was shot from a border, it will always move in the same direction until it is removed or it reaches the other side. These rules create an amazing variety of game situations. T…
    BrickShooter is a puzzle game by T Studio, for iPhone.
  • Movies for iPhone
    The best application to keep up with the news of Movies with your iPhone, winning several awards on specialized forums thanks to its unique database that assures you to find showtime in addition to the presentation of the movies ! With this application, you'll always got the essentials informations with you : - Movies opening this week in…
    Movies is a news app by oWorld Software, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Pocket God for iPhone
    Episode 14: Say My Name! Ever want to get back at your annoying little sister, a mean teacher or one of your smug friends? Now you can! Introducing Pocket God's latest feature: a new naming and stat system. You can now customize your Pocket God by naming the tribe and islanders. Name one of the islanders "Britney", toggle on the na…
    Pocket God is an entertainment app by Bolt Creative, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • iFitness for iPhone
    **ON SALE** RAVED ABOUT BY ABC NEWS, THE WASHINGTON POST AND THOUSANDS OF HAPPY CUSTOMERS WORLDWIDE. FIND OUT HOW THE WORLD IS GETTING IN SHAPE WITH iFITNESS! iFitness is a comprehensive exercise database that provides clear pictures and instructions – all within the palm of your hand. Regular exercise is essential for becoming and staying…
    iFitness is an entertainment app by Hooman Zohoor, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • iShoot for iPhone
    —- iShoot is now on sale for $2.99 to celebrate the release of 1.1! —- Battle your friends or the computer as you compete to be the last tank standing in this new take on the classic artillery game genre. iShoot features 25 different weapons including shells, missiles, cluster bombs, and nuclear weapons which blast huge holes in the destr…
    iShoot is a game by Ethan Nicholas, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Camera Zoom for iPhone
    Zoom in/out with your iPhone Camera! One of iPhone's most requested feature. With Camera Zoom, you can now zoom in and out in real-time when taking pictures, by just simply moving the slider. Features: - Up to 4x digital zoom - Realtime zooming camera preview - Adjusts photo to best quality after taking picture - Built-in camera roll phot…
    Camera Zoom is a photography app by Kenneth Kao, for iPhone.
  • Catcha Mouse 2 for iPhone
    From the creators of Catcha Mouse, comes the second full featured version. You'll have to use all your wit to corner the mouse before he escapes through the holes! More complete and funny, Catcha Mouse 2 allows you to play against your friends using multiplayer mode*. Put traps or be the mouse itself! If you liked Catcha Mouse, you'll…
    Catcha Mouse 2 is a game by Gonzalo Oxenford, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Arcade Bowling™ for iPhone
    NOW with LOCAL AND GLOBAL HIGH SCORE BOARDS! Compare your score with players around the world. From Skyworks®, the creators of the hit iPhone/iPod touch sports game ARCADE HOOPS BASKETBALL™, comes another addictively classic game, ARCADE …
    Arcade Bowling™ is a game by Skyworks Interactive, Inc., for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • iSoda (iWater, iCola and more) for iPhone
    Drink Soda on your iPhone and iPod touch. 5 Drinks in One! This hilarious sight-gag is fully interactive and behaves like a real glass of Cola, Water, Energy Drink and more thanks to the iPhone sensors and our spare time. Tilt to sip, shake for foam, even pour iSoda from device to device. Modeled after our award winning iBeer (but tons more re…
    iSoda (iWater, iCola and more) is an entertainment app by Hottrix, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
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