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Here you can find and browse top free apps and see reviews on them. Popular apps of these are Collage Wallpaper Creator Lite, GPS Tracker, BubbleWrap, iVault, TapeMe Voice Recorder with File Transfer.

  • Collage Wallpaper Creator Lite for iPhone
    Make incredible collages for your iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper! Use a 'Minority Report'-like multitouch interface to stretch, move, and rotate photos from your photo roll. Get creative! Use the built-in black-and-white or sepia converter. Add a border. Adjust the transparency to combine two photos into one. See a demo of the…
    Collage Wallpaper Creator Lite is a photography app by JOHN MOFFETT, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • GPS Tracker for iPhone
    InstaMapper is a free real-time GPS tracking service. Use it to track an iPhone online, share your location with friends and family, and record tracks for later analysis. Free registration is required. See for more details. FEATURES - Track your phone on Google Maps from the Internet. Positions are updated a…
    GPS Tracker is a navigation app by InstaMapper LLC, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • BubbleWrap for iPhone
    Pop the virtual bubbles as fast as you can. How many can you do before the timer runs out? Beware that bubbles may re-inflate, and some bubbles may not be as they appear. If you like this, you should also check out our other app, BubblePRO. You can WIN CASH by getting the highest score each week, Current prize is $200.
    BubbleWrap is an entertainment app by Peter Watling, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • iVault for iPhone
    iVault for iPhone is a revolutionary electronic vault where you store all your sensitive data such as passwords, PIN numbers, bank accounts… and even pictures! ** The iVault for Web editor is now ready! Visit ** ** iVault for iPhone is FREE of charge, unlimited time ** ** THERE IS a password of course ! Just go to Settings …
    iVault is a business app by JERICOA SARL, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • TapeMe Voice Recorder with File Transfer for iPhone
    Tausendstern TapeMe Voice Recorder lets you easily record memos, notes, short interviews or other audio. A simple three button interface that is modeled after actual voice recorder devices makes the software very easy to use. The software is best suited for recordings between a length of a few seconds and 10-15 minutes. Random seek during play…
    TapeMe Voice Recorder with File Transfer is a business app by Axel Wolf, for iPhone.
  • Fuzz Friend for iPhone
    Take care of (or abuse!) your very own Fuzz! The Fuzz is a virtual life form who changes moods and its well-being is at the mercy of your temperament. Had a bad day at the office? Take it out on the Fuzz! You can flick him off walls with your finger or simply shake the iPhone until the Fuzz is distraught and crying. Or, if you're feeling…
    Fuzz Friend is an entertainment app by Samuel Yam, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • The Currency Converter for iPhone
    The Currency Converter provides updated currency conversion information for all commonly used currencies. The application currently supports over 85+ commonly used currencies updated very frequently…and yes, the app has no ads. This easy to use application lets you choose your base currency and then add the currencies of your interest to th…
    The Currency Converter is a travel app by Krishna Vegesna, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Jobs for iPhone
    The iPhone application offers a unique way to search nearly 2 million jobs on, the US's largest job site. Users may search for jobs by keyword, read job descriptions and salaries, save jobs to a list of favorites, and email job links to anyone on their contact list. The application also takes advantage of…
    Jobs is a business app by, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Say Where - Voice Maps for iPhone
    TALK instead of typing — speak to GOOGLE MAPS and other sites, including: + Google Maps + YELP + YELLOW PAGES + TRAFFIC.COM Want a business listing, directions, review, or map? Get it faster by speaking. Say Where's advanced speech technology lets you speak any BUSINESS SEARCH or ADDRESS in the U.S. For example, say: "Delfina Restau…
    Say Where - Voice Maps is a navigation app by Excuse Me Services, Inc., for iPhone.
  • Beautiful Boobs for iPhone
    It's an absolutely gorgeous and fun photo collection that features stunningly pretty images that requires absolutely no internet connection to view and feature the ability for close ups with native iPhone or iPod interactivity. Even have a random image from the collection by selecting the random button or browse for your favorite.
    Beautiful Boobs is an entertainment app by Adan Vielma, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
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