Amazing X-Ray FX² LITE

by Andrew Middleweek

? FREE "LITE" EDITION of the v2.0 International smash hit Amazing X-Ray FX²; The world's ultimate full skeleton X-Ray machine.
• Want more? Get the full paid version and X-Ray your full skeleton.

X-Ray your left HAND with this awesome FREE LITE EDITION.

Completely fool your friends into thinking your iPhone or iPod touch doubles as an amazingly cool X-Ray machine.

Be blown away by just how realistic the skeleton X-Ray looks, an effect achieved by a multi-layering technique of ultra hi-res X-Ray skeletal bone images, subtly moving in 3D like phased sync with real-time movements you control (accelerometer sensor based).

You will swear this is the real deal.

X-Ray FX² is NOT simply a boring video sequence you have to follow. You control in REAL-TIME all the movements of the X-Ray scanning, by gently tilting your iPhone/iPod over the selected area you would like to X-Ray (accelerometer sensor based). Within minutes you will master the art, ready to have fun with it.

X-Ray FX² also features high quality audio to complement the imagery along with a cool "blur in" countdown effect, to allow you enough time to position your iPhone/iPod at the interactive skeletons starting reference point.

There are also 3 x incredible X-Ray visual styles (positive, negative & UltraViolet UV mode) to choose from, triggered simply by tapping the screen anytime mid-scan.

The expressions of shock & awe on your friends & families faces will be priceless.


• X-Ray FX² your left HAND,
• Cool new interactive skeleton selection mode,
• Optical phased 3D effect movement interactive main page,
• Amazing realistic 3D like X-Ray scanning FX²,
• Real-time accelerometer based movement control,
• High quality audio FX,
• 3 x incredible X-Ray styles - Positive, Negative & UltraViolet (UV) mode,
• Hand resizing adjustment setting,
• Movement sensitivity adjustment (both horizontal & vertical settings),
• X-Ray flickering intensity setting adjustment,
Auto-spatial calibration (so you can control at any starting angle, not just flat),
• All settings are dynamically saved for next time you use the app,
• AdMob advertising.


• All the above free LITE features plus the ability X-Ray your SKULL, CHEST & both HANDS, PELVIS, KNEES & even FEET skeleton bones!
• More cool features coming soon in the paid version; Auto-movement mode, wedding ring option plus even more surprise features. Stay tuned…
• NO AdMob advertising,
• Only $0.99.

From the makers of the ALL NEW Amazing Bikini Pen, Food Additives, Baby Babble & KungFu FX.

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