B&N eReader

by Barnes&Noble

Love to read? Always on the go? Now Barnes & Noble, America’s #1 bookstore, makes a world of books as convenient as the iPhone in your hand.

Just download the new, FREE Barnes & Noble eReader app and you can have a great book with you any time, any place.

You’ll have access to over half a million eBooks, including bestselling authors like Stephen King, James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Stephenie Meyer, Charlaine Harris, and more.

So whether you're into nonfiction, the classics, sci-fi, history, biography, or just looking for a little romance, download now and you’ll be reading in minutes.

Barnes & Noble is America’s #1 Bookstore, and we keep our library fresh and up-to-date, with thousands of new books added all the time. You can download samples of all these new books for free…just like flipping through the pages at your local Barnes & Noble before making your choice.

And we’re not just transforming your iPhone and iTouch. We’ve even got a free B&N eReader for your Mac and PC, so you can read on whichever screen you want.

What’s more, your books are both digital and permanent. We store them for free in your own eBooks Library. So any time you use a new phone or computer, you can move 100 pounds of books in minutes…no cartons or dolly required.

In short, we're not just a new chapter or a new stanza, we're a whole new story that's going to kindle a real revolution in reading.

Any book, any time, anyplace. Gutenberg would be proud.

Look at all you get for the total cost of zero:

- Free eReader app
- Five free classic eBooks included (two preloaded, three more when you create your free account)
- Free copy of Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary (downloaded when you create your free account)
- Free download samples of any book we sell
- Adjustable text size
- Multiple font choices
- Background and text color options for easy reading in any light
- Choice of tap or swipe to turn pages
- Coverflow style presentation of your library
- Free online library backup
- 24/7 shopping — no waiting
- Fits in your pocket — no weight

Fast. Easy. A great way to read!

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