by Joel Rosenberg

Sometimes a quick puzzle is just what the doctor ordered. Blocked is a puzzle game you can pick up and play immediately. Let the good times roll with 100 levels of touch and drag action. Slide blocks around the playing field; sometimes a block is an obstacle, but sometimes it's your only hope for escape. Satisfaction is at your fingertips with Blocked.

Beware, Blocked is addictive, so it's the perfect game to return to again and again. Blocked conveniently keeps track of all the levels you've conquered. When you have to catch your breath it's easy to leave a puzzle and return with everything exactly the way you left it.

Your objective is to slide the blue block off the board, pushing blocks back and forth as you inch towards the goal. Clearing the path to freedom may require all your wits, and some planning! Start play on easy mode, then move up to medium and hard. Just when you think you possess the biggest Blocked brain the heat gets cranked up; because blocked doesn't stop at hard, you can also play in "harder" mode. And stake your claim as king of the castle in "hardest" mode!

My belated acknowledgements and gratitude to Mr. Nob Yoshigahara for designing such a wonderful puzzle. For more information about a programmatic solution to these puzzles, visit http://www.theiling.de/projects/rus hhour.html . For other public implementations, take a look at http://www.puzzles.com/products/Rus hHour/RushHourLinks.htm

People seem to be having trouble defeating level 64, so a hint has been put up on the support page ( http://www.tiptopworkshop.com/block ed/help/64 ), or visit http://www.youtube.com/tiptopworksh op for the solution.

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