by Uwe Meier

This is a simple, but very addictive mind twister puzzle game. The rules are not complicated to learn: There is a pattern in the lower left side of the screen that you have to copy into the tiles in the main screen. You touch the tiles to flip them around to change color. If you flip one tile, all of the neighboring tiles will also filp. You have to do this in a limited time - so better think fast how the final pattern has to look like after applying the transformations. If you finish it you go to the next level and get bonus points for time left.

There is a review saying this app creates unsolvable puzzles. I can guarantee that all puzzles are solvable - I'm not saying it's easy (that's why this is called Brain Teaser) - if you have to recreate patterns you have to do in your mind the mapping from turned to unturned tile and use the same strategy as for the easier puzzles that don't have a pattern - but there is a guaranteed solution for every puzzle. Good news there is an update in the apple review process, where the user has the option to disable the timer to make it easier (but results will not be added to the Hall of Fame)

New in Version 1.3: Users requested a feature that you don't have to restart at level 1 again after you loose a game. With the new version, "new game" will continue at the last best level you had, "Reset" will start again at level 1".

The upcoming update (1.4) will include another feature requested by users: the ability to turn the timer off. In the new practice mode, you no longer have to race against the time (but will also not make it in the Hall of Fame of Puzzle Solvers). The apple review process takes ~1 week and it will be than available as free update (uploaded on 05/07/09)

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