Shark River Raid

by Goruk

"Into the heart of darkness flows a river… and at the end of that river, lies victory." - High Commander L. Splinder

A secret branch of the Army has unleashed a deadly experimental weapon upon the Enemy! In order to neutralize the Enemy's river defenses, you must play a cyborg shark armed with a super-laser. You are programmed to DESTROY all threats: choppers; fighter planes; battle ships; and especially BRIDGES! Charging stations have been secretly placed in the river. You must maintain power in your laser, or you will self-destruct! This is to safeguard your technology from the Enemy. Above all, you are programmed to MAXIMIZE POINTS! You gain points by destroying threats and barriers - for extra points you can destroy your own charging stations, but BE careful. Now Go Forth And Serve Proud.

This game is inspired by the 1982 Atari® classic "River Raid®" - the first vertically scrolling shooter game ever!

Please Enjoy "SHARK RIVER RAID" responsibly, on your mobile device.

Two OpenFeint Leaderboards Normal and Difficult
Several OpenFeint Achievements
Classic Game Play Style
Tilt Control Mode
JoyStick Control Mode
Infinite Game Play

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