Free Talking Translator : EchoMobi

by medianet

Free version: Discover the basics of (Chinese), spoken by a native! Limited version with basic phrases.
You can also download basic phrases with English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and many other languages.

EchoMobi® is a Mobile Talking translator, with a unique user interface, translating 25 languages in a clear native voice.
No need to scroll through lists of sentences. It’s a whole new way of communication. Using the PhraseLogic® technology you can build your own phrases and learn as you go!
• With over 100,000 word, number and phrase combinations, this solution delivers valuable communication assistance for main business or tourist travel scenarios.
• Users’ translations are delivered via on screen text translation in conjunction with audible native voice translation.
• Displays a unique and friendly user interface. Building a sentence has never been so easy! Just follow the highlighted frame on screen to build the sentence in the right order.
• Patented, intuitive interface ensures immediate navigation to your chosen phrases.
This cognitive learning platform will allow you to learn as you go and easily retain new words and phrases in real time and interactively.

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