iGuerilla Lite

by Alexandre Minard

To reload your gun, just shake your iPhone !!!!

In this version you can chose between 2 control mode:

- accelerometer (with calibration)
- 'touch' controls like in Metal Gear Solid

All bad comments are related to version 1.0 in which there were no calibration and no 'touch' control.
This version is much better, trust us.


You have been selected to deploy to Africa to engage in covert operations against rebel militants who are terrorizing the local population. By now you have learned that our organization is secret and does not answer to any government. Our mission is to fight for peace in areas where the world's militaries have been ineffective.

Your mission is to find and eliminate the enemy from inside their own bases of operation . To maintain your cover and permit easier movement in enemy-controlled territory, you will work alone and will begin your mission with minimal weapons.

Our agents have already hidden weapons and survival briefcases in the combat areas. You will no doubt find a need for these items as you execute your mission.

We have identified 9 critical combat areas in the region. After clearing one area, you will be sent along to your next assignment.

Again, be advised that, once deployed, you won't be helped by anyone. Also know that the enemy has been known to use attack dogs in close-quarters combat. At all times, you will be greatly outnumbered and will have limited resources. Your survival will depend on your agility and marksmanship. In these circumstances, quick and accurate targeting will be your greatest asset. I don't have to remind you that it is more efficient to aim for your enemies' most vital areas, as you need to cause the most damage with the fewest shots.

Other soldiers are already on the ground, and a competition has been organized among you. Significant rewards await the soldiers who return having most effectively executed their missions. As you move between mission locations, be sure to connect to the organization's network and update us with your results. But I have faith in you, and I expect that your performance will be outstanding.

Soldier, we have already spent too much precious time in this briefing. The enemy is closing in on more innocent targets. Now, it's up to you to stop them….

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