Night Stand

by Rohit Singal

We would like to thank everyone among over THREE MILLION users who downloaded and used Night Stand. As a reward, Night Stand is a free update for all of you guys! For new users, application is priced at $2,99.
99% of the new features added are requested by our current users — we listen to what you say and support you :-)


— NEW: Away Time Zone mode

Swipe your finger on the screen to change to away time zone. If you are traveling or are in a different time zone, you can set a second time zone in Night Stand’s preferences and have access to both home and away time with the swipe of your finger. Can it get easier than that?

— NEW: Binary Clock theme

The AWESOME BINARY CLOCK for the geek in you, that only a geek can read.

— NEW: Classic LCD theme

CLASSIC LCD from late 70’s to bring back good ol’ memories.

— NEW: Bug Fixes & Minor Features:

Changed snooze time to 10 minutes
Math questions can be turned off in Alarm settings
Over 40 bug fixes

Night Stand displays a beautiful digital clock on your iPhone or iPod touch. You don’t have to buy a night stand clock for your bedroom anymore: you get a gorgeous alarm clock right under your fingertips.

It sports four beautiful variations: Binary Clock, Flip Clock, Classic LCD clock and colorful LCD clock.

There’s a smart alarm built-in, which will do everything to wake you up and keep you awake.

Night Stand: anytime you need it, anywhere you may be.


— Beautiful graphics designed by Apple Design Award winner, Piotr Gajos and coded by Sourcebits.
— Away Time Zone mode
— Alarm with 8 custom sounds
— Sneaky snooze function
— Screen dimming
— Customizable sleep timer
— simultaneous iPod playback
— 4 beautiful themes: Binary Clock, Classic LCD, Color LCD (3 variations) and Flip Clock.
— vertical and horizontal modes
— 24 or 12 hour time format
— show / hide seconds
— show / hide day of the week
— disable screen auto-lock


Night Stand Preferences
To change options for Night Stand, simply tap “i” button in bottom right corner of the screen.

Away Time Zone
First, set it up in Preferences > Away Time Zone. Then go back to your clock and swipe your finger horizontally on the screen. You will see new clock sliding in. Also notice Home and Airplane icons above – they indicate which clock is currently showing.

Screen Dimming
Simply double-tap the screen to reduce brightness. Tap once to increase it again.

It’s tricky and it’s sneaky! See for yourself, it won’t let you go asleep. Night Stand Pro attempts to wake up your brain by forcing you to think hard :-)

For more usage instructions and answers to questions you might have, check out Night Stand FAQ: http://www.spoonjuice.com/blog/nigh t-stand-faq

A few tips that will make your experience better:
1. Open up iPod application on your device and create a playlist with ambient, soothing music.
2. Play it on your iPhone or iPod touch.
3. Launch Night Stand.
4. Put your device next to your bed.
5. Fall asleep, embraced by soft and gentle sounds of music.
6. Awake any time at night and be immediately up-to-date with current time! :)
7. Optionally, set up an alarm in Night Stand and it will wake you up for sure.

We hope you enjoy using this application. Contact us at contact@spoonjuice.com if you have any problems using our application or you’d like to ask for new features. We reply to every e-mail we receive :)

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