Ninja Stealth Missions

by Alchemy Games

Ninja Stealth Missions is a puzzle game where you have to use all your talent and ability to reach the goal. Do you have what it takes to become in a legendary ninja?

Save the villages from Oni's soldiers!

General Oni is conquering all the village temples and extracting the spiritual power from them. While these sanctuaries remain besieged Oni won’t be hurt. Visit all the sacred temples in the sixty villages and close the connection with the evil General. This is the only way to finish with the Oni’s evilness and your final test to become in a legendary ninja.

Be a master of stealth and test your abilities and talent by completing challenging missions in this exclusive game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Keep an eye on your enemies, draw a plan for a safe route and choose wisely your actions to avoid traps and neutralize opponents to reach safely the goal.

Find your place in the global ranking with the best ninjas. Try to finish all missions finding the shortest route to improve your score!


• 60 Addictive levels will test your tactic skills.
• Levels with variable solutions where some strategies works better than others.
• 8 Techniques and ninja weapons will help you to get the victory.
• The game is intuitive and easy to learn.
Funny graphics and animations.
• Global ranking over Open Feint. You might be a Legendary Ninja!
• Achievements system. Try to go one step beyond and collect all achievements!

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