Play 10K

by Lance Cameron

Play 10K…a fun and addictive dice game with cool sounds, backgrounds, and more. Challenge yourself against the iPhone or have a Multi-Player game (2 to 8) with your friends around you…by the campfire, waiting for the bus, a long boring plane ride…etc.

Shake the device to roll the dice. The longer you shake, the more they roll.

Be the first player to reach 10,000 points. Collect 1's (100pts) and 5's (50pts), and combinations of 3, 4 or all 5 dice & straights 1-5 or 2-6 (1000pts). Choose the dice you wish to collect pts for; press the Score Box and continue rolling, or chicken out and take your points. If you have 1 die left in your roll, you can PASS your points to the next player. If they roll a 1 or 5 with that 1 die, you lose your pts and passed on to current player. If they don’t, you get your pts and they lose their turn. Use this feature carefully and strategically.

With the auto score sheet, nobody can cheat with the numbers, and while you're not looking, nobody can flip dice to their favour.


- Single Player - play against your device (iPhone/iPod Touch)
- Multi Player - play with others sharing your device (2 - 8 players).
- Game Options 5,000pts or 10,000pts
- Choose Break-In - 500pts or 750pts.
- Choose Pass Option - Yes/No.
- Choose Skins - Dice & Backgrounds.
- Resume interrupted games.

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