Speed Bag: Urban Gym

by Manayunk Productions, LLC

Speed Bag: Urban Gym brings the excitement and intensity of boxing to the iPhone/ iPod touch. Offering the most authentic boxing experience found on a mobile device, Speed Bag: Urban Gym transforms the iPhone/iPod touch into a mobile gym. Created with close guidance and insight from actual boxers, Manayunk Productions and Amadeus Consulting, Inc. have masterfully recreated what it is like to grind it out on a speed bag.

Whether you are an experienced boxer or an amateur looking to break into the ranks, anyone can take their punching workouts on-the-go with Speed Bag: Urban Gym.


• Use timing and rhythm to achieve the ultimate 3-count combos

• Achieve "good strikes" through precise punches on a fully 3-D speed bag

• Climb up the boxing ladder – the more you improve, the more challenging the action becomes

• Authentic speed bag replication – including top-notch physics, this is as real as training gets on your mobile device

• Improve your actual boxing skills - Speed Bag: Urban Gym is your boxing haven away from the gym

Find out if you have what it takes to become an elite boxer!

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