Surf Report

by Oakley, Inc.

Take the mystery out of checking the surf with the Oakley Surf Report powered by Surfline. Check the surf height, swell direction, and tide. Monitor the weather. View a 2-day forecast. You'll know exactly where to go when there's a low tide, with an epic SSW swell, and an onshore breeze. And you can do it all from the comfort of your iPhone or iPod touch.

You can use the Surf Report to:
-Stalk the surf conditions for thousands of beaches and bookmark your favorites.
-Learn what the best conditions are for any beach
-Find the best beaches nearest you.
-Immerse yourself in the surf community.
-Watch great surf videos.
-Get the latest Surf News.
-Learn where the pros like to surf by reading the Oakley Team Rider Bios.
-See photos from the latest surf events.

- 4;It's sick being able to check the waves without having to turn on my computer. No matter where I go I always know how the waves are." -Seabass (Seabstian Zietz, WQS Pro Surfer)
-"It's pretty cool to be able to have the power to check the waves on my phone." -Brian Conley (WQS Pro Surfer)
-"I no longer have to go back to the hotel and pull out my computer. I can see where to surf by checking it out on my iPhone." -Brian Toth (WQS Pro Surfer)

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