Topple 2

by ngmoco, Inc.

At last, the hit game Topple that has attracted over 3 million downloads now has a content packed sequel with four new game modes and the ability to play with friends! Immerse yourself in 30 levels in over 6 Topple worlds that allow you to balance and stack fun and playful Topple blocks using multi-touch and accelerometer controls.

For the first time, face your friends to a "stack attack," racing one another in real-time. No friends near you? Send your “ghost” play-through so your friends can accept your challenge at their convenience!

Enjoy the classic Topple experience, but master the new modes as well. Upside-down mode inverts gravity for a topsy-turvy play experience. Balance mode lets you weigh two towers against each other. Power Tower mode challenges you to build a power line using conductive blocks. Rescue mode uses your tower building skills to save the precious golden egg.

• Play new game mechanics including Upside-down,
• Balancer, Power Tower and Rescue!

• Challenge friends in versus mode using
• Wi-Fi or E-mail

• Unlock massive replay ability with free play
• versions of all the game modes.

• Enjoy the visuals of six new worlds, playful
? animations and a sweeping musical score

• Drag, rotate and tilt familiar Topple
• faces in this brand new world!

Check out existing trailers at http://topple2.ngmoco.com. Follow up on Twitter at twitter.com/ngmoco

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