WordSearch Unlimited

by Yongkai Lei

** HALF PRICE SALE for a limited time **

Word search puzzles are great fun, and they are very easy to play: Just find the words that have been hidden in the grid — up, down, forward, backward, or diagonally. Within a word search puzzle, words can overlap. i.e., a letter can be part of two or more words.

The app includes English, French, German, Spanish and Italian dictionaries. You can play WordSearch with words in any of the five languages above. We will add more languages support in the future updates.

If you got tired with plain words, have some fun with the fun words search. The current fun words dictionaries include themes of animal, food & drink, fruit & veg and cloth.

- Unlimited puzzles: Same puzzle won't appear twice
- Multi-languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
- Fun dictionaries: Animal, food & drink, fruit & vegetable, cloth.
- Customizable Skin: Words color, case and background are changeable

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