Tear-Off Calendar

by UAB T Studio

The Tear-Off Calendar for iPhone and iPod Touch improves a classics, that is traditional Soviet-style page-a-day tear-off calendar. It has a well known visual identity up to a paper texture and a cute faults of old-school printing. It is designed for a natural human gestures, so feel free to flip pages by a sweeping motion and to leave 'handwritten' notes just on a page. It has actually the same set of astronomic data: time of sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, lenght of a day and a moon phase. It's all the same, but brought to perfection.

Talking about improvements, the Tear-Off Calendar now
• looks into infinity, because calendar and astronomic data calculates automatically;
• tunes just fine: it uses owner's coordinates, not an average by the country;
• brings an efficiency upto limits—one page per day, can it really be simplier?
• smaller than ever, as iPhone is five times thinner;
• actually, not tear-off, because old pages do not disappear—it's all stored!

The Tear-Off Calendar is made with a strong hint of Soviet style of printing, so it's hardly surprising when the basic calendar theme is Soviet's 1979. But you can change it by a few clicks: there's quite universal 1934's theme in the package as well.

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