Public Radio Tuner

by American Public Media

The Public Radio Tuner features hundreds of public radio streams available for free! Tune in to your local station from anywhere in the world, and check out new ones too.

Public radio offers a huge variety of programs, local news, music, culture, and commentary. From well-known national programs like All Things Considered, This American Life, and Marketplace, to hundreds of local and independently-produced shows, public radio is a vital noncommercial service found all across the U.S. on your radio dial, and now in the palm of your hand.

The Public Radio Tuner is the result of a unique collaboration between American Public Media (APM), National Public Radio (NPR), Public Radio Exchange (PRX), Public Interactive (PI) and Public Radio International (PRI).

Led by PRX and supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, this collaboration is harnessing the collective expertise, talents, and resources of the public radio system to help audiences access public radio on-demand and beyond terrestrial broadcast.

Visit to learn more about the project and to suggest ideas for improving the application.

CodeMorphic, APM, NPR, PRX, PRI, CPB

- Over 200 high quality public radio streams from across the country
- News, Music - Jazz, Classical, Independent, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues and freeform streams

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