by 5th Floor Productions

Put your concentration and skill on the line, in this innovative and fun game. To be the best Egg Runner, there is only one simple rule, don’t let the egg fall. Test your skills in time trial mode or ascend the Egg Runner lines in Challenge mode. Battle pesky bugs with an innovative control system, swipe your hand across like you would do in real life.

Gameplay is quite simple and straightforward, but possibilities are many. The longer you play the more slippery the surface becomes and there are bugs that pop up occasionally to get in your way. In addition to it's highly detailed CGI graphics EggRunner is unique in the way, that it employs all aspects of iPhone's control mechanisms, including one that is very rarely used in most applications: proximity sensor. EggRunner stands out by it's highly detailed graphics. The egg actually looks and behaves like a raw egg, with a perfect flow of the egg white on the surface. Maneuvering the virtual egg is perfectly realistic and it gives the game the upper hand when comparing it to other similar games. Progress is automatically saved and recorded. There's two game modes to choose from. In Time Trial, you're battling time as you try to keep the egg balanced for as long as possible. In Challenge mode, you have to progress through the timed levels with ever increasing difficulty.

- One-of-a-kind graphics style
- Hand crafted graphics and animation sequences enhance the overall feel of the game
- Intuitive controls and gameplay
- Use the accelerometer to naturally control the flow of the egg. Double tap to pause the game. Swipe your hand across the proximity sensor to swat the bugs (swipe your finger across the screen on iPod Touch).
- Challenge yourself to the limits
- Overcome multiple hurdles as you progress through levels. Try balancing multiple eggs or how about super slippery surfaces?
- Track your progress
- Never worry about losing your best times, all progress is automatically saved.
- Don’t like our music? No problem, you can play your own.

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