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Here you can find and browse work apps and see reviews on them. Both free and paid apps are presented here. You can distinguish them by colored badges on the right. The ones worth trying are AP Mobile News Network, Finger Security Lite,, BBCReader, Math Tricks Lite.

  • AP Mobile News Network for iPhone
    ** Please note the Mobile News Network works on iPhone and iPod touch running Software version 2.1 and higher. We recommend that you update your phone to the latest version if you have not done so already. ** The Mobile News Network, powered by the Associated Press, helps you keep up-to-date with what's happening anywhere, in your h…
    AP Mobile News Network is a news app by The Associated Press, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Finger Security Lite for iPhone
    This application is great for security purposes and you can also fool your friends into thinking your device is an advanced security analyzing tool from the future that can read fingerprints! With top of the line graphics and animation you will be able to fool anyone. Check out the Screenshots! How it Works: You can control the outcome of …
    Finger Security Lite is an entertainment app by Inner Four, Inc., for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • for iPhone
    The application allows you to search and access millions of videos no matter where you go. It’s personalized TV, brought right to your iPhone and it works across Wi-Fi and 3G Networks – all for free! Your use is subject to Terms of Use, Mobile User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See link below. * Browse through our vast list … is an entertainment app by CBS Mobile, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • BBCReader for iPhone
    Get the latest and quality news articles and analysis from BBC on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Works even when you don't have Internet connection or poor 2/3G reception. HIGHLIGHTS: - Presents an easy way to browse BBC News articles from around the world under different categories. - Offers true offline browsing experience. Serves news artic…
    BBCReader is a news app by Jae Han, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Math Tricks Lite for iPhone
    Try out Math Tricks! Impress your friends and amaze your teachers! You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily that you will be able to compute such large figures in your head! Math Tricks is an interactive and fun way to, not only learn, but also to boost your skills. This mental workout takes you through every problem and gives you ste…
    Math Tricks Lite is an educational app by Ken Crawford, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • FourTrack for iPhone
    FourTrack Multitrack Audio Recorder FourTrack is a songwriting and practice tool for singers, song writers, guitar players, piano players, and other musicians. Capture musical ideas anywhere. Plug in a microphone, arm a track, record, repeat. FourTrack works with the iPhone built-in microphone, headset mic, or an iPod touch with a third-part…
    FourTrack is a music app by Sonoma Wire Works, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Remote Desktop Lite for iPhone
    Mocha Remote Desktop (RDP) provides access to a PC running Windows XP Professional. It enables you to have full, secure access to your work computer through wifi or the phones network (EDGE). Using your iPhone, you can connect to your Windows Computer and see the files, programs, and resources exactly as you would if you were sitting at y…
    Remote Desktop Lite is a business app by Jan Frydendal, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Pet Dog for iPhone
    Stuck at work? Feel like getting out for a stroll? Now you can… and you can Walk the Dog! Hit the trail, wander through the English countryside and take in the scenery. Your Pet Dog is ready to go — tap the paws faster and he'll start sprinting ! Ease off and you can enjoy a gentle ramble with your pet - without getting wet ! Walk…
    Pet Dog is a game by Chillingo Ltd, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • geoDefense for iPhone
    Explosive Tower Defense ** Low Introductory Price! ** Something exciting and new in the Tower Defense genre! The geometric vector creeps are fast and intense. With 30 different maps, each its own puzzle, you'll have to work fast to keep up. Using exciting vectorized graphics, this highly kinetic games brings a whole new dimension to …
    geoDefense is a game by David Whatley, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Remote for iPhone
    Be a mobile DJ. With Remote, you can control the music on your computer or Apple TV from your iPod touch or iPhone. Play, pause, skip, shuffle. See your songs, playlists, and album art on your iPod touch or iPhone as if you were right in front of your computer. Remote works with your Wi-Fi network, so you can control playback from anywher…
    Remote is an entertainment app by Apple Inc., for iPhone and iPod Touch.
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