Paper People Jokes

by Paper Brain Productions

Paper People Jokes is the next phase for the time-honored oral tradition of joke-telling. Users of the app record their voice telling a joke. Each week, we animate the best (and worst) audio recordings sent to us through the app's built-in joke telling interface. The animation style is a unique stop-motion construction paper animation technique that breathes a whole new level of life to old and new jokes alike. For the worst jokes (a.k.a. the Paper Cuts), a paper-puppet style of animation conjures dark and eerie undertones to the weird and wacky attempts at joke-telling. Sometimes, the rejects are so bad that they're even funnier than the best jokes!

In summary, Paper People Jokes gives users a chance to "collaborate" with the Paper People Jokes animating staff, and re-invents the tradition of joke-telling and joke-sharing for a whole new generation. Boasting over 85 animated jokes already (with the number growing every week), Paper People Jokes is a small price-tag for a continual subscription to fresh and funny content.

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