Doodle Jump

by Igor Pusenjak

"Doodle Jump is a pleasant surprise among a sea of generic and boring pickup-and-play games out there." - Editors' Choice - iPGN iphonegamesnetwork.com

"F ans of Papi Jump who are looking for a little more will certainly enjoy this unofficial sequel." - Touch Arcade

"This is definitely one of my favorites, right next to LightBike!" - The iApple Blog

"One of the most addicting iPhone games ever… It will be another game for me and the wife to play and try and beat each others high scores like Ian's Scoops…" - Customer review, Chad Poders

Doodle Jump is an amazingly fun and addictive platform jumping game that lets you compete against other players around the world.

There are broken platforms that crumble if you jump on them, springs that fly you higher, UFOs that will abduct you unless you shoot them first, black holes that will suck you in if you get too close, and various monsters that you need to kill.

As you keep jumping higher and higher, the platforms start moving, the monsters start appearing and the game gets progressively more challenging. Along your way up, you will see markers on the side of the screen indicating how high other players of Doodle Jump around the world have managed to get to. This in-game high-score markers feature is a first among the iPhone games and is beloved by both the players and reviewers.

How to play:
Tilt to move left or right, tap the screen to shoot.

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