Fuzz Friend

by Samuel Yam

Take care of (or abuse!) your very own Fuzz!

The Fuzz is a virtual life form who changes moods and its well-being is at the mercy of your temperament.

Had a bad day at the office? Take it out on the Fuzz! You can flick him off walls with your finger or simply shake the iPhone until the Fuzz is distraught and crying.

Or, if you're feeling friendly, play with the Fuzz by rolling it around and giving it virtual gifts by dragging them into the Fuzz's mouth! Soon the Fuzz will be grinning from nonexistent ear to nonexistent ear and will raise its hands up high!

Change your Fuzz environment, too! You can simulate your own office workplace or take out your frustration on the Fuzz in a land of eternal flames and unquenchable suffering.

Enjoy your Fuzz today!

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