by Gee Chuang

LockBox lets you store and protect sensitive info such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, pin numbers, private notes, and any other secret information on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Note: The Pro version is now also available. It features stronger encryption and unlimited sub-fields per entry.

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Use it to keep information handy and also protected at the same time.

All data is encrypted and protected by your secret code, so only you have access to it, even if you let your friends borrow your phone to make a call or browse online.

This is the kind of information that you want easy access to while you are on the go, but find it hard to recall just when you need it. For example, I always forget my bank account number right when I need to deposit a check at the bank.

Best of all, its free!

Important Update Note:

Remember to sync before updating to newer versions… The App Store has a bug where, if the update is interrupted in any way, it may wipe out your data! We as developers do not have any control over this and its an Apple specific problem that can happen to any app in the store. If you sync and this happens to you, you should be able to recover your data by doing a restore. Also, its safer to update using iTunes than it is doing it directly from your device over the air.

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