Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing

by Elliot Lee

Whiteboard is a new collaborative drawing tool that allows 2 iPhone or iPod touch devices to create pictures together over Wi-Fi.

Create unique art with this useful utility. Sometimes one person's artistic skills aren't quite enough. Combine your painting abilities with Whiteboard! It's a fun app with many potential uses.

In addition to the chance to draw together, the peer-to-peer networking feature also enables a certain class of multiplayer games, like Connect 4, Tic-Tac-Toe, Dots, and more.

It's also useful for quickly visualizing ideas: I used it myself this way, putting into visible form an icon layout I had in mind. It's almost like using a graphics tablet!

The possibilities are endless; it's like having a whiteboard wherever you go.


* Easy-to-use paint- or graffiti-like interface.
* Two devices can draw on the same canvas simultaneously.
* Bonjour wireless networking.
* Full-screen drawing.
* Adjustable marker width.
* "Brush" Preview to see what you're getting before you start sketching.
* Compatible with both iPhones and iPod touches.
* Free! This is the Lite version of Whiteboard; we're still working on adding features for the paid version.


* Touch the canvas with 2 fingers to show the drawing tools.
* To use the networking feature, 2 devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Ensure that both devices are connected to the same wifi access point so that you can connect!
* Note: This is a Bonjour limitation. (In fact, as long as you're on the same LAN the connection may work.) We'll work on lifting it (Internet drawing?) in the future.
* Save your drawings by taking a screenshot! While holding the sleep/wake button at the top of your device, press and release the Home button. The screen should flash white to show that it was saved.
* Email me your masterpieces!
* I might post some of the best on my website.

If you enjoy this app, please give it a top rating to encourage me to develop more. Send me your feedback for updates, as I have plans for many future improvements! Thanks :)

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