by Loopt, Inc

Loopt transforms your mobile phone into a social compass to discover and navigate the world around you. Use Loopt to see who’s around, what to do, and where to go.

-See where your friends are and what they’re doing via interactive maps
-Connect on the fly and instantly share your location, photos, and comments with friends
-Link Loopt to simultaneously update all your blogs and social networks, such as Facebook® or Twitter®
-Go to the Loopt Mix tab to meet new people nearby
-Explore places and events recommended by friends and services like Yelp®
-Control privacy settings quickly and easily

Loopt is supported on over 100 mobile devices across all the major U.S. carriers so you can share your location with all your friends and family. Loopt does not store or share your contact list with any 3rd parties. All SMS alerts from Loopt can easily be disabled in your privacy settings after your account has been verified.

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