by Mathias Tschopp

MedCalc is a free medical calculator, that gives you easy access to complicated medical formulas and scores.

MedCalc has been available on mobile platforms for almost a decade, so it leverages years of experience in bringing medical equations to physicians in an easy to use, yet very powerful format.

Because we believe that everyone should have access to quality tools, MedCalc is available free of charge and we are committed to adding formulas and score based on users' feedback.

- A very large selection of formulas and scores
- Custom overlaid controls: no sliding in and out to input values
- Support for US and SI units, with easy switching from the keypad
- Detailed information and bibliographic references for each formula
- Search for equations by name or keywords
- Customizable list of favorite equations
- List of recently used equations
- Totally free (and open source)

User Interface strong points:
- Double-tapping a field will erase its content
- Shaking the device will reset all fields to their default value (you can disable this feature in Application Preferences)
- The numeric keypad can be flicked down with a downwards swipe of the finger
- The numeric keypad can be set to auto-hide in Application Preferences
- You can go to the next field from the keypad by swiping your finger from left to right. A swipe from right to left will take you back to the previous field
- Double tapping a formula label will star it (starred formulas are like favorites or bookmarks)
- When you input a value, MedCalc checks if it is plausible. If not, it is highlighted in red and the calculation is blocked, so you get a change to correct your mistake (usually a unit that is not correctly set) instead of just getting a wrong result
- You can search for formulas by title, but also by keywords (typing 'weight' will bring up 'BMI' for instance)

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