by Helixys, Inc

Introducing myDictation, the application that turns your iPhone into the best voice recorder and dictation system on the planet. The myDictation application is full featured and allows the user to record any number of voice recordings or dictations and store them on your iPhone. When ready, with a single click, you can upload them wirelessly using either a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to the myDictation server for transcription by your existing transcriptionist. All data transfer between your iPhone and the myDictation server is handled in a secure, HIPAA compliant fashion.

Please visit for a complete instructional and demonstration video.

The voice recorder has many features including:
1) Record in 3 audio file formats: Core Audio, WAVE, or MP3 in varying quality for each
2) Powerful voice macros so you don’t have to keep repeating commonly spoken items
3) Visual representation of the recording for easy editing
4) Insert into the middle of the recording
5) Scan recording while playing using the play slider
6) Cut any section in the middle of a recording using the cut sliders
7) Microphone sensitivity slider control
8) Rewind 5 seconds button for easy review of what was just said
9) Recording while sleeping
10) Use with the iPhone upside down to speak directly into the mic
11) Use with multiple microphones including iPhone ear buds or Bluetooth or microphone enabled iPod Touch
12) Designed by a physician

The myDictation application is free to download and use for voice recording for anyone. In order to securely upload the dictations, an account is required on the myDictation server ( The myDictation server allows your existing transcriptionist to download recordings and upload completed transcriptions for retrieval by you from anywhere on the Internet using only a web browser. All uploading and downloading is handled in a secure HIPAA compliant fashion.

Don’t pay hundreds of dollars for additional hardware for a dictation system. Stop losing dictation with cumbersome tape or digital systems. Stop sending dictation and transcription in a non-HIPAA compliant fashion. Send dictations from anywhere with a cellular connection. Try myDictation today.

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