by Marcus Satellite

APP NAME: SmackTalk!
DEVELOPER: Marcus Satellite
VIDEO: on website, but also at: UstKLqU

DESCRIPTION: SmackTalk! is a novel iPhone App that features an animated guinea pig who repeats everything you say in a chipmunk squeaky voice. The app is unique both in its excellent character animation, and it's real-time voice effects. Please see our website for a 50 second video of kids talking, screaming, and singing to SmackTalk!.

Created by animation and technology professional Marcus Satellite (aka, Marcus Hobbs) whose film credits include "Aladdin", "Lion King", "Pocahontas", "Meet The Robinsons", and "Astro Boy", SmackTalk! combines Marcus' love of audio processing, animation, and computer graphics into a cutting edge real-time character animation and voice processing app.

Please don't hesitate to contact me, and thank you in advance for your consideration,

Marcus Hobbs

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