Solebon Solitaire

by Smallware LLC


Solebon™ is Smallware's premium handheld solitaire for serious players - now on iPhone! With millions of satisfied players and over a decade of solitaire experience, Smallware knows what gurus like in their solitaire.

30 games: Accordian, Aces Up, Ambrose, Baker's Game, Beleaguered Castle, Blind Alleys, Bouquet, Colorado, Creepy Crawly, Demon, Doublets, Eight Off, Fortune's Favor, Four Seasons, Fourteen Out, Free Cell, Golf, Honeybees, Klondike Deal 1, Klondike Deal 3, La Belle Lucie, Lady of the Manor, Monte Carlo, Penguin, Pyramid, Russian Revolver, Scorpion, Spiderette, Spiderling and Yukon.


- Easy-to-read screens
- Unlimited undo
- Foundation autoplay
- Statistics
- Timer
- Scoring
- Moves tracking
- In-game rules
- Tap card movement
- No interference with iPod audio

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