Fortune games

Here you can find and browse fortune games and see reviews on them. Both free and paid apps are presented here. You can distinguish them by colored badges on the right. Popular apps of these are 1 vs 100™, Solebon Solitaire, Leaf Trombone: World Stage.

  • 1 vs 100™ for iPhone
    …down the mob and win ONE MILLION DOLLARS? Recommended for fans of TV game shows such as: Deal or no Deal, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Family Feud, The Price is Right, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Million Dollar Password and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. To ensure optimal functioning of this game, please make sure to reset your iPhone or…
    1 vs 100™ is a game by Gameloft S.A., for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Solebon Solitaire for iPhone
    …e, Baker's Game, Beleaguered Castle, Blind Alleys, Bouquet, Colorado, Creepy Crawly, Demon, Doublets, Eight Off, Fortune's Favor, Four Seasons, Fourteen Out, Free Cell, Golf, Honeybees, Klondike Deal 1, Klondike Deal 3, La Belle Lucie, Lady of the Manor, Monte Carlo, Penguin, Pyramid, Russian Revolver, Scorpion, Spiderette, Spiderling and…
    Solebon Solitaire is a game by Smallware LLC, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Leaf Trombone: World Stage for iPhone
    Leaf Trombone World Stage — The First Massively-Multiplayer Music Game “One of 2009’s 20 Most Anticipated Games” - Forbes "An instant classic" - Tech Crunch "Brilliant, fun, and amazingly executed" - iLounge “Forget console-quality 3D games, massively multiplayer connected titles, or fart apps. Especially the latt…
    Leaf Trombone: World Stage is a game by Chuck-Inc, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
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