SP Photo Fix Lite

by Salvador Ponticelli

Photo Retouching

While you're on the go, you need to send a photo from your iPhone, but it's not good enough (brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation).

Now, you can fix your photo before sending it by email, directly on your iPhone. As easy as: pick, edit, save. Then you go to your "Camera Roll" / "Saved Pictures" folder and select the modified picture to send it.

The new "White Balance" correction is the fastest way to fix colors on your picture. You only have to drag the target circle into a "SHOULD BE WHITE" color on the picture, and "SP Photo Fix" will do the rest.

If you take more than one picture under same light condition, the new Recall button allows you to correct those pictures based on the White Balance from the previous picture you edited.

In "SP Photo Fix Lite" photos are handled at 860 x 645 but saved at 400x300

In paid paid version photos are handled and saved at 860 x 645.

Combine it with "SP Photo Cal" to create an amazing calendar with your retouched picture.

Note on iPod Touch: since iPod Touch doesn't have camera, you will be able to retouch only pictures downloaded from the WEB or synched using iTunes.

Note on reviews:
- No more low resolution & blurry images issue.
- Some times iPhone goes low on runtime memory, making some application to crash or behave strange. If your "SP Photo Fix" does not save the edited picture, try to restart your iPhone holding down sleep button for 5 sec to turn it OFF. Then turn it ON again.

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