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PRESIDENT OBAMA's Inaugural Address is available for streaming on Stitcher right now!!

Stitcher Radio is FREE personalized news and entertainment streamed to your iPhone. You can save favorites, rate shows and then Stitcher finds other shows you'll like and "stitches" together a station for you. We were recently described as "the Pandora of everything but music" by TechCrunch.

Want news, news, and more news? Listen to Stitcher for the latest from CNN, NPR, AP and BBC. We also have the latest Wall Street and economic reports from Reuters, Bloomberg and more. From the election of Obama to local news and weather, we have it.

Sports fan? Stitcher has the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and even English Premier League Soccer covered with the latest from Sky Sports and more.

Star Struck? We've got everyone from Britney Spears to Lindsey Lohan covered on our Celebrities and Entertainment Station.

Gamer? The latest on Wii, Xbox, PS3, and more can be found on our Gamer Station.

Plus! Oprah, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and sex and dating tips on our Women's and Dating Stations.

And we are adding international stations: The UK station has been a big hit so far. Hablas EspaƱol? Try our all Spanish Station, El Mundo Espanol. We are also adding content from South America including Brasil.

We are adding new shows every day: let us know what you want to hear.

If you want to hear what's happening at Stitcher or leave us a comment to let us know how we can help make the app better for you, please visit our blog.

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