Trulia Real Estate Search

by Trulia, Inc

Bring the power of Trulia, the best place to start your real estate search, to your iPhone or iPod touch. You're just one tap away from seeing all homes for sale nearby or browsing through Open Houses to help plan your afternoon. Scroll through the color photos, get the details on every home and scope out the neighborhood by viewing the results on a local map.

- Find homes for sale near you using iPhone's built-in location finder
- Tap quick links to see nearby Open Houses today or this weekend
- Create a custom search for exactly the home you're looking for
- See all the results on one local map or get driving directions from Google maps
- Save your favorites to your phone or share them with friends via email

Trulia's mission is to help people to make better real estate decisions - we're not brokers or agents and we won't make you a lead. Check us out and see for yourself!

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