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by Jeff McMorris

We hope you'll consider reviewing our newly updated Video Genius, the only free video app for older iPhones. Thank you for taking a look at the details below!

Updated VIDEO GENIUS now offers higher quality video

Use your first-generation iPhone and older iPhone 3G to record higher quality video than ever before with the newest version of Video Genius. Best of all the brand-new release remains the only free video recorder for those iPhone models.
"We have been working on improving frame-rate speeds and increasing quality of the videos captured," said Jeff McMorris, partner at CodeGoo, detailing the improvements to Video Genius.
CodeGoo launched Video Genius earlier this year to provide owners of older iPhones the ability to record video without having to upgrade to the iPhone 3Gs.
“Video is one of the best new features for the iPhone 3Gs,” said McMorris. “What I wanted was a way to record video on the older 1st generation and 3G iPhone.”
The updated Video Genius retains its clear, simple interface, making capturing high-quality video a snap. It joins Camera Genius in CodeGoo's line-up.
To download Video Genius for free or find out more, please visit: enius.

About Video Genius:
Video Genius allows you to record and share higher quality video than ever before on your 3g and 1st generation iPhone. Easily record and review your latest video through the simple, clear interface. Now you don’t need to upgrade to a new iPhone to record video. It's currently free for a limited time.

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