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Here you can find and browse simple apps and see reviews on them. Both free and paid apps are presented here. You can distinguish them by colored badges on the right. We recommend you to take a look at these Dictionaire: The Simple Dictionary, Warren Buffett Quotes, Link It!, Truth or Dare - play with friends, Mobile.

  • Dictionaire: The Simple Dictionary for iPhone
    Dictionaire is an easy to use, no fluff dictionary app for your iPhone. Helps you find words when you need to! Features: * 140,000 definitions * Helps you find words that "sound like" others * Short, simple definitions Dictionaire was built with… well, ME in mind. I wanted a quick way to look up words while I was in bed readi…
    Dictionaire: The Simple Dictionary is a reference app by Hampton Catlin, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Warren Buffett Quotes for iPhone
    Everyone loves Warren Buffett. More important, everyone wants to be rich like Warren Buffett… Get this app and start to receive priceless lessons from his quotes in business, investing, and life. WHAT IS THIS APP ABOUT? - Get all your favorite Warren Buffett quotes all in one place. - A very simple app for people who wants to learn from W…
    Warren Buffett Quotes is a book by NeXtBIT Technology Limited, for iPhone.
  • Link It! for iPhone
    iTunes link: link-it/id341772400?mt=8 The goal is to remove all icons as fast as you can. A pair of icons can be removed if they are identical and connected directly within two turns. Simple rule, addictive game, endless fun! Main features: - 5 different modes. Everyone in your family will find a favori…
    Link It! is a board game by Imagol Studio, for iPhone.
  • Truth or Dare - play with friends for iPhone
    The rules are simple: 1.Shake the phone 2.Choose Truth…or Dare Example Truths: Have you ever had a crush on anyone playing? Which is most important to you: good looks or good personality? What's your greatest fear? Example Dares: Kiss the player on your left Choose someone to write something on the sole of your foot Turn your…
    Truth or Dare - play with friends is an entertainment app by James Boyle, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Mobile for iPhone
    free Mobile for iPhone: Edit and share from anywhere Mobile for iPhone lets you quickly and easily edit and share your photos with simple gestures directly on your iPhone. Mobile is like having your entire photo library in your pocket without wasting your phone's valuable storage space.…< /p> Mobile is a photography app by Adobe Systems, Inc., for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Wikipedia Mobile for iPhone
    Wikipedia is now officially on the iPhone! This is our official application and we are working hard on making the absolute best Wikipedia app out there. This app is focused on being very simple and very fast. Over time, we'll add features based on requests. The code is 100% open source and community built. If you are a programmer and go…
    Wikipedia Mobile is a reference app by Wikimedia Foundation, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Numerology App for iPhone
    Simple to use, fully featured tool for numerological analysis. It is suitable for professionals as well as beginners who can learn numerology quickly using this tool. You can have real fun creating analysis for yourself, friends or family. It consists of name numerology, key and sub-key calculation for a given date, description of basic and compo…
    Numerology App is a lifestyle app by Matej Ukmar, for iPhone.
  • EggRunner for iPhone
    Put your concentration and skill on the line, in this innovative and fun game. To be the best Egg Runner, there is only one simple rule, don’t let the egg fall. Test your skills in time trial mode or ascend the Egg Runner lines in Challenge mode. Battle pesky bugs with an innovative control system, swipe your hand across like you would do in re…
    EggRunner is a simulation game by 5th Floor Productions, for iPhone.
  • iF.E.A.R. for iPhone
    F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real Get ready to plunge right into the FIRST 3d haunted simulator on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The objective of this simulator? Simple… wander through the haunted dungeon, and find out what’s lurking about. Grab your headphones, kill the lights and prepare to be terrified. With Unity’s 3d g…
    iF.E.A.R. is an action game by Michael Gentilini, Jr., for iPhone.
  • BrainTeaser for iPhone
    This is a simple, but very addictive mind twister puzzle game. The rules are not complicated to learn: There is a pattern in the lower left side of the screen that you have to copy into the tiles in the main screen. You touch the tiles to flip them around to change color. If you flip one tile, all of the neighboring tiles will also filp. You …
    BrainTeaser is a game by Uwe Meier, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
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