by Omer Shoor

Photogene is about improving your digital photos and having fun while at it.
This intuitive, easy to use application offers a comprehensive set of professional editing tools:
- Crop. Fixed aspect ratios are optional.
- Sharpen.
- Levels histogram. Manually or automatically correct color distribution, improving brightness and contrast at the same time.
- Gama correction (midtones).
- Separate exposure and contrast sliders.
- RGB balance.
- Saturation. Increase or decrease hues intensity in your picture. B/W effect can be reached.
- Color temperature. Correct unnatural colors by adding warmth or coolness to the image.
- Straighten for a tilted image.
- Rotate and mirror.
- Special effects, such as pencil, sepia or heat-map
- Frames.
- Text bubbles of different styles, colors and fonts (just drag and place them wherever you like).
- Multiple undo-redo and reset buttons. You can use these features to compare between origin and result.
- Take photos from within the application.

Photogene received PC Magazine editor choice award and was picked by iLounge magazine as one of the best 100 iPhone apps.

Edit your photo, go artistic or be playful. Photogene enables it all in one program.

It’s not just a one time app. Photogene fulfills a wide range of your editing needs and we keep updating it.
See our website for some ideas of what you can do with this app. Also check the tutorial and frequently asked questions section.

Changes are fast and immediate and the features are continuously available on screen. You can navigate easily among the different tools.

The app allows you to zoom in and out and move the picture around, without damaging the editing work. Landscape editing is supported.

When satisfied, save to your photo library for later use (such as emailing or uploading to your favorite sites). Photogene preserves the resolution of photos taken with the iPhone camera.

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