Wallpaper Labeler Free

by Rich Olson

Wallpaper Labeler Free lets you add any information you like to your iPhone's or iPod Touch's wallpaper, including:

- Your name and phone number
- A "Reward if Found" notice
- A quick note to yourself

Wallpaper Labeler Free automatically positions your labels above the "slide to unlock" and below the "date and time" overlays.

"Guidance bars" are provided inside the application to help you visualize how your labeled image will look when set as your wallpaper.

Labels can be created with several different font styles and sizes.

Wallpaper Labeler Free includes five attractive wallpaper images - Earth from Space, The Moon, Cherry Tree in Bloom, Rocks and Yellow Flower.


It's not possible to use the iPhone's "built-in" wallpaper images with this application. You can choose an image from your photo album, take a new photo or use one of the wallpapers packaged with the program.

After saving your wallpaper to your photo album, you'll need to manually set it as your wallpaper. Instructions are provided inside the application when you save your image.

If the edges of you image or labels appear cut-off in the photo album, try using a "pinching" motion on the "Move and Scale" screen when setting your wallpaper.

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