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Here you can find and browse auto games and see reviews on them. Both free and paid apps are presented here. You can distinguish them by colored badges on the right. The apps worth taking a look at include Absolutely Trivial™ - Auto Racing, Magnificent Gizmos & Gadgets, Real Racing GTI, geoDefense, Solebon Solitaire.

  • Absolutely Trivial™ - Auto Racing for iPhone
    Test your knowledge with 500 surprising questions pulled from dozens of auto racing topics. Study these intriguing facts in a relaxed and self-paced fashion using intuitive gestures. This application is a great way for trivia buffs and other assorted know-it-alls to while away the time at the airport, the coffee shop line, or wherever you h…
    Absolutely Trivial™ - Auto Racing is a game by CHARLES SIEG, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Magnificent Gizmos & Gadgets for iPhone
    Magnificent Gizmos & Gadgets is a physics-based puzzle game that takes players into a world where anything is possible! Build catapults, automated vehicles, and even create ball busting battering rams as you traverse the tricky terrain and navigate through wild obstacles. Complete 44 levels by taking control of a variety of tools and p…
    Magnificent Gizmos & Gadgets is a game by Publisher X, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Real Racing GTI for iPhone
    …forests, seaside circuits and burning deserts. Set up a link to your YouTube channel to publish your best laps automatically, and make sure your friends know about your achievements with Facebook and Twitter integration. Beautiful track environments, carefully detailed cars and console quality 3D sound effects create the most attractive, natural…
    Real Racing GTI is a game by ndWare Pty Ltd, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • geoDefense for iPhone
    …creeps can become an essential part of your strategy - 30 levels, each its own puzzle with its own rules. - Auto-saves game if you press Home or are interrupted by a call - Your music will play in the background - Free updates!
    geoDefense is a game by David Whatley, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Solebon Solitaire for iPhone
    …evolver, Scorpion, Spiderette, Spiderling and Yukon. FEATURES - Easy-to-read screens - Unlimited undo - Foundation autoplay - Statistics - Timer - Scoring - Moves tracking - In-game rules - Tap card movement - No interference with iPod audio
    Solebon Solitaire is a game by Smallware LLC, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Kitty Kannon for iPhone
    …of entertaining obstacles, such as exploding landmines, floating mines, needles, springboards, and hungry dogs - Automatically save your personal high score Instructions: - Tilt towards and away from yourself to tilt the cannon - Flick finger across the screen as fast as possible at the desired angle - Out of the cannon explodes a kitty For…
    Kitty Kannon is a game by Eric Stix, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Catcha Mouse 2 for iPhone
    …voice overs. - As always, lovable graphics and sounds. *Multiplayer mode uses Apple's Bonjour technology to automatically recognize other iPhone or iPod Touch within a local network. Internet multiplayer is not possible. **All levels are possible.
    Catcha Mouse 2 is a game by Gonzalo Oxenford, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Zombieville USA for iPhone
    …animation ever seen on a phone! - Intuitive touch-screen controls are easy to pick up and play. - Conveniently auto-saves your progress after each level - play at your own pace!
    Zombieville USA is a game by Kelli Noda, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Tic-Tac-Touch: FS5 (FREE) for iPhone
    …- Track scores up to 10 players!! - Undo, Hint and "See Last Move Made" support! - Adds network players automatically to track scores! - Fun graphics and sounds - Turn iPhone/iPod touch on it's side to start a new game This is Tic-Tac-Touch and you will be amazed that Tic-Tac-Toe can be this fantastic! Other Features: - Opponent'…
    Tic-Tac-Touch: FS5 (FREE) is a game by FlipSide5, Inc., for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Rolando for iPhone
    …and Multi-touch to guide the Rolandos and interact with their world iSAVE Progress is saved and restored automatically when play is stopped or interrupted A GAME WITH SIGNATURE STYLE Music by break-beat innovator Mr. Scruff and graphics by pop illustrator Mikko Walamies Created by HandCircus Check out the exciting trailers…
    Rolando is a game by ngmoco, Inc., for iPhone and iPod Touch.
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