* NEWS FLASH: New Version 1.1 is coming with the new look!!

* NEWS UPDATE: We have revised & submitted Version 1.1 based on Apple's feedback. We are waiting for Apple's approval! Stay tuned!

Battery Status for all iPhone & iPod Touch Users!

It tells the remaining battery charge in hours and minutes for all of the following activities.

- Talk Time (3G Mode)
- Internet Time (EDGE)
- iPod Video Play Time
- iPod Audio Play Time

• Current Version : Version 1

This version has a simple list view of your battery charge per activity. The screenshot shows the version 1.1.

• New Version 1.1 is COMING!

The new version, shown on the screen, will be shortly available to all users. Stay tuned!

See it for yourself! Get your copy today!


*NOTE: This app requires iPhone OS 3.0.

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