A Fake Caller - FREE (Prank Calls/Jokes)

by Harutaro Trabish

** "A Fake Caller" is the most popular and comprehensive FREE Fake Call app on the store!! Over 1 million served so far!! Thanks for your support.

** FREE!!!!

Have you ever wanted to get out of that boring meeting or bad date?

Did you ever wish you received a phone call to help save you from a sticky situation?

To fake a call has never been easier!!

- Virtually identical iPhone call screen UI.
- Type in your own caller name or choose from your contact list
- Choose wallpaper from photo roll or album
- Choose caller image from photo roll or album
- Time based call back (using spinner dials)
- Delay based call back (using spinner dials)
- Quick Save One Touch callback (5, 10, 20, 45 seconds)
- Unlock slider that actually works!!
- High quality ringtones to choose from (now with fart tones)
- Saves caller image and caller name for quick start up every time

Don't forget to keep this app handy to help you out of your next situation. Fake Calls are now fun!!

1. Select a fake caller from address book or type one in
2. Select the image for the caller from photo roll
3. Select a wallpaper image
4. Select a ringtone
5. Select a delay or time
6. Tap "Fake It" or tap one of the quick save buttons
7. Fake Caller will flip to a fake screen complete with working unlock slider
8. Fake Caller will ring with your fake caller!!! Enjoy
9. Tap decline and fake caller with go back to the fake call screen home screen and call you back again after the timer expires.
10. Tap "answer" and fake caller will exit.

Once you set up your caller, wallpaper, ringtone, etc all you need to do is quickly set a delay and you're off to fooling people…since Fake caller saves your settings.

Now..go off and enjoy fooling all you friends and family!!!

** Update: We've heard your requests: The next update will have full functionality of the "dial-pad". Stay tuned!!!

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