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Explore the Holy Bible with BibleReader, a full-featured application for reading and Bible study. 3-touch Verse Chooser takes you to the exact Bible verse you're searching for. Continuous Scrolling means uninterrupted reading—no buttons to press at the end of the chapter. Word Search offers quick results, hyperlinked for one-touch navigation. Scripture and other works are stored on the device, so you don't need a continuous Internet connection.

This package includes the KJV and ASV Bibles. You can download the following translations for free from within the BibleReader.

New English Translation - NETBible
Modern King James Version - MKJV
American Standard Version - ASV
Darby's Translation
Young's Literal Translation
Weymouth New Testament
Spanish – Reina Valera
French – Darby 1991
German – Luther 1912 Bibel

You can get over 200 resources for the BibleReader from

You can get the following additional translations from Olive Tree's web site to use with the BibleReader.
- Amplified
- The Message
- German Bibel: Elberfelder 1905 and 1985
- German Bible: Luther 1984
- BHS (HMT) - Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (Hebrew Old Testament)
- Greek New Testament NA27
- Wuest
- JPS Tanakh
- Complete Jewish Bible
- Portuguese NTLH
- Dutch GNB
- Dutch NBG
- French Martin 1744
- Finnish 1776
- Italian Bible
- Tagalog Bible: Ang Dating Biblia or Ang Biblia (1905)
- There is over 40 Bible translations available for the iPhone on our web site.

You can get the following additional Bible study tools from Olive Tree's web site to use with the BibleReader.
- Bible Knowledge Commentary
- ESV Study Bible
- Ryrie Study Bible Notes
- Alfred Edersheim's Bible History of the Old Testament
- Gray's Commentary
- Ironside Expository Commentaries
- Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary
- Jewish New Testament Commentary
- Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
- Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge (TSK) - cross references

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