Touch Bible LE

by Patrick Franklin

Touch Bible LE (Lite Edition, also known as iBiblez) is a free bible reader for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is unlike any other bible reader you have tried so far. It is so easy to use. It is a free app, yet it comes with great translations and features that you will love. If you were confused by other Bible Apps, give Touch Bible a try.

Dial a Verse

Accessing the Bible is what sets this application apart. "Dial a Verse," only in Touch Bible, makes access to scripture and different translations really fast (because before you can read the bible you have to be able to get the verses).

Translations Built In

It has many fantastic english translations built in, including the trusted KJV and the innovative New English Translation ( includes limited study notes )

New English Translation

You'll love the readability and information in the New English Translation. It is a newly translated Bible version that is offered for free in Touch Bible LE, yet has incredible notes that aren't found in most "paid" translations.

Other Features

-Keep notes wherever you are, regardless of internet
-Search with a fast and smart search engine
-Bookmark tool for your favorite verses (just tap the verse number)
-Set font sizes.
-Access to other online Christian resources


None of the books in Touch Bible LE require the Internet; once you install Touch Bible LE the scripture, search tools, and notes are with you regardless of internet access.

Full Version

Touch Bible (FULL) is now on iTunes. Visit for more details, or click on my name.


TouchBib is the place to find out more about Touch Bible and suggest features.

On a personal note, I have found myself reading scripture more often in Touch Bible than any other media. It is so easy to get lost in the words, and the words are so much easier to understand with the quick access to other translations and the New English Translations Limited Notes. I deeply desire the same to happen to you.

Remember, Touch Bible LE is free because it offers the best public domain translation and the generosity of the New English Translation's publishers, More to come in future updates.

I hope Touch Bible is a blessing to you.

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