Fast & Furious The Game

by I-play

Fast & Furious The Game is now available on the App Store!

You can download the full press pack here: d_files/fiona/

Here is the game trailer: ne88oLw

Also check out our official Fast & Furious social website, where iPhone users can post and watch replays of their best races, get ranked on the global leaderboards, as well as rate other users’ videos: . Fast & Furious is the first and only iPhone game to have this technology at present. In less than a week, over 10,000 iPhone users have already posted video replays to our Fast & Furious YouTube page ( astandFurious) and to their personal YouTube accounts.

Fiona Conrad

Product Marketing Manager • I-play
1 World Financial Center • 27th Floor • New York • NY 10281 • USA
Desk: (646) 674-1402 • Cell: (210) 287-3684 • twitter @IplayMobile

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