(Not So Trivial) Trivia

by Manuel Zamora

(Not So Trivial) Trivia is trivia application that lets you decide what you want to be tested on.

How many trivia questions do we have? The application comes with about 100 questions, about 100 available for download with the potential for limitless trivia. Why is it limitless? You can add trivia instantly at our website. In just minutes your trivia can be available for download and enjoyment.

The program comes with 8 different quizzes of different categories and some available for download. Creating a quiz doesn't require anything but registering at our site and then writing a quiz. Quite simple. Please read our trivia information for tips on making good quizzes.

Upload your quizzes on our site and then any iPhone user will be able to search and find your quiz with ease. The idea is simple. If you enjoy the quizzes you take yet believe you can do better, then feel free to do so. You can enter a quiz in any of our many categories.

(Not So Trivial) Trivia is meant to run off of the users, it'll only be as good as the user wants it to be. The way in which it depends on the users is simple, the user's generate the content. User's create quizzez, take the quizzes and rate the quizzes. Logging in to the application will allow us to use your ratings and be able to differentiate the bad quizzes from the good ones. If you take a quiz and learn something you didn't know before then write a quiz about something you do know, share the knowledge.


Unlimited possibilities for trivia types.

Unlimited questions possible.

Two different modes of play, rated and unrated.(as in not timed, not as in adult, I know, I know, shame).

Many different trivia search methods, to make it easy to find what you're looking for.

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