To Do's

by Billy Myers

Have you been disappointed with the other to-do list programs out there and surprised that one didn't come bundled with the iPhone OS? Well, look no further. To Do's 2.0 is a convenient and easy way to manage your to-do list. It provides for three priority settings for each task: high, normal, and low. High priority tasks appear in red, normal appear in orange, and low appear in black. The left side of the main screen shows a check box that allows you to easily see whether or not a task has been completed. Tapping the blue arrow icon on the right side of the cell bring us an editable detail view. From there, any and all information for that particular task can be changed if needed. As a bonus feature, the number of unfinished tasks is displayed in the application badge on SpringBoard's homepage. This behavior is switchable between showing just the incomplete high priority tasks and showing all incomplete tasks.

When the program is first installed, the default settings include having the icon badge turned off. This is easily switched back to on by accessing the settings screen by tapping the info button on the bottom bar of the program.

Version 2.0 of To Do's adds in the ability to customize the behavior of the icon badge, as well as a thrid priority level. You can also tell the program that you want to turn auto sort off, that way you can manually re-order the list yourself. The user interface has also been updated to make the program more user friendly.

If you run across any bugs or have any suggestions or questions, feel free to email

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