Touch Scan Pro

by Gary Fung

Instantly turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Lie Detector, Love Meter, Security Test, IQ Scan, Horoscope Reader, Criminal Recorder Scanner, and more! Scan your thumb or fingerprint by simply touching the screen. Get results immediately.

Customize TouchScan Pro in your device's "Settings" app (scroll to bottom).

Try it on your friends - it's fun!! Create your own scan results like this…

For 'Lie Detector', try this:
Message: Uncertainty Detected! Severe interrogation is required to obtain adequate answers. Do you comply?

…'Love Meter'
Message: Physical contact required. Please lean closer to your counterpart. ;) Try again?

…'IQ Scan'
Message: Unusually low IQ. IQ is too low for device capability. Retry?

Can be used as:
• Babe Detector
• Fat Scan
• Age Guesser
• Lie Detector
• Love Meter
• Security Test
• IQ Scan
• Horoscope Reader
• Criminal Recorder Scanner
• Loser Detector
• Boss Detector

A fun trick you can play on your friends, boss, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, kids. Endless Possibilities!

Note: This app is for entertainment only and does not represent a real fingerprint scanner. It does not transmit radioactive waves. -

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